What The F%*k
Are You Doing?

Mitch Benes – Creative Director

It’s such an important question our world. Deceptively simple, and yet will take well over your entire lifetime to fully answer. This simple question, though, is the key to our whole operation.

I definitely don’t pee myself in this story

Let me back up a little bit. Let’s go back to the ripe age of 3 the time of my first memory. I remember being stranded in the nothingness of my grandparent’s ranch in southeast Colorado, playing amongst the sagebrush and rattlesnakes. This particular area existed, anonymously on the surface of the sun. The heat eliciting sweet smells of bacon radiated from my future sun-spots. The closest town was a good thirty-minute drive and even that only had a gas station and diner. Anyway, I remember walking into my grandpa’s trailer and looking at him. No words were exchanged, we just stared. He, a war-hardened vet, shot 21 times in World War 2 and me, fresh out of pull-ups and definitely ready to pee myself.

“What are you doing, son?” His side-eye grew even side-ier.
“I don’t know.” I replied.
“Well either you’re doing something or not you don’t just not know, kid.”

That’s it. That’s the memory but it really taps into something that I think we lack in this world of distraction. What the fuck am I doing? Somewhere between the dozens of emails, texts, photoshops, HTMLs and CSSs, bells, and whistles, it’s so easy to get lost in it all. It’s easy to forget the purpose of everything. Everything you have needs to work in tandem to do something. Everything needs to be viewed in the aid of your “What are you doing?”

Making something from nothing

When I was 6 and I wanted a fucking Ninja Turtle. The action figure I wanted cost 6.50$ and obviously, my parents were not on board.
“But why?” I asked in a whiny, nasally voice unique to every six-year-old ever.


Their Reaction

The funny thing is when I was that age, you couldn’t tell me no. Ever. It wasn’t even where I would hear “no” and throw some sort of fit. No, I would hear no and just fucking do something about it. So I got on my good ol’ Packard-Bell PC, hit the turbo button on it (that’s a thing, look it up), you know, to really kick it up a notch and started jamming away in print shop for my lemonade stand sign.

Checkered patterns?
Rad pixel guy on a motorcycle?
Fuckin’ Check.

So I took my sign, my desk and most of all my “give this poor kid some money” smile rivaled only by the girl scouts. I knew what I was doing and from there, I took absolutely every tool I had and made it work toward the goal. It didn’t matter that I only had blue Kool-aid. It didn’t matter that it was October in Nebraska. It didn’t matter that I was charging a steep 50 cents a cup. None of that fucking mattered when I made enough money to buy two action figures, Mom.

I don’t know why but I always feel that there is so much focus on what everyone else is doing and what everyone else has. You don’t always have expensive Macbooks and Photoshops and bells and whistles.

Don’t get lost in that. Don’t let that paralyze you.

Sometimes all you have is a pixel motorcycle guy on some stupid fucking sign but if you know what you are doing, and I mean REALLY know. Then figure out how to put all your tools together for that goal. Every. Fucking. Day.That’s really all anyone can do.