SEO is Scary AF

Riley Cullen – Copywriter

You guys answered our poll and, frankly, we’re disappointed. I was hoping to write a cool blog about demonic possession or famous murderers, but when asked what you fear most you said “other.” OTHER?! REALLY? Well, you’re gonna get exactly what you asked for because now I get to write about whatever I want and I’m going to turn this into shameless SEO content to help us rank. You know what, I’m gonna make this educational af. I’m going to write about why underutilizing SEO is scary! You see, you should’ve voted for something that’s actually spooky. Now we’re just gonna educate you on how the internet works and you brought this all on yourselves.

What is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a big part of what we do here at Evol. Basically, SEO is the best way to get your website organically ranked on search engines such as Google, Google, and Google (because let’s get real, no one uses Bing). Crafting the copy on your website to include key words and phrases that your target audience will likely search online relating to your field means that Google will recognize and latch onto those phrases, therefore making your site more relevant than your competitors online. Basically, underutilizing SEO is one of the scariest things you can do for your website. It could be super rad and have awesome graphics and high resolution pictures, but if you don’t use SEO no one is going to see it.

That Sounds Too Easy

So SEO is just using industry words? It is really that easy? Short answer: no. There are tons of factors that go into SEO, but the most important is understanding what your audience will actually search online. When desk computers were the only way to access information, full sentence queries were commonplace searches. “Should a doctor look at this mole on my neck?” or “What Italian restaurants are there in Lincoln, NE?” would have been normal searches five years ago. Now that everyone and their mom has a smartphone, the nature of searches are changing. “Bad mole maybe” and “bomb spaghetti Lincoln” are just as likely to show up in a Google search, especially with talk-to-text technology being utilized more often every day. It takes research to find out what people are looking for online relating to your business and creativity to utilize those key phrases in the copy on your site to help reach that coveted first page of Google (because, to get real again, no one goes to the second page of Google. Laziness is real, my friends). Because searches change every day, this also means your content needs to be updated regularly about what’s happening in your field and services you offer while using lingo your customers are likely to understand and type into a search bar.

How Quickly Will I Start To Rank on Google?

We have literally no idea when you’ll start to rank. It is dependent on the competitiveness of the industry as well as about a billion other factors. SEO in and of itself is effective, but there are other ways, like paid ads, to get to the top quickly. We’ve seen SEO move companies to a first page ranking in as little as a month; however, we’ve seen it take more than a year as well. It all comes down to having the right combination of factors built into your website to increase visibility and let Google know you’re awesome at what you do.

Now you know what SEO is. You could’ve learned about some cool ghost stories or found out they’re hiding in Area 51, but you chose to give me nothing cool to write. This is all your fault. Next time I offer you a fun Halloween blog, vote for something cool. Consider education your punishment for not interacting with us online. You’ve been warned.