Putting the “Old” in 21-Years-Old

Deidre Stevens – Marketing

I am officially the youngest person in the office at Evol Empire Creative. I’m 21 years old. You can imagine I’m obsessed with the latest things like fashion, The Bachelor, and pop culture. This makes it so much fun to work for a digital marketing agency. It gives me a different perspective and is helpful when I’m trying to come up with ideas for the marketing team.

I do a ton of research over the latest trends in marketing and advertising, the history of a variety of campaigns and motivational blogs. I take a lot of notes. I apply the knowledge I’ve learned to my everyday tasks here at Evol. Lately, in my research, I’ve noticed that marketers are getting anxious about marketing to Millennials. To me, this topic is washed up because everyone is talking about it. I thought I’d focus on the next generation to market to Generation Z. These are people born between 1996 and 2010.

You would think connecting to this generation would be easy for me (being a Millennial). Gen Z is only a couple years younger than me but, doing my research, it totally clicked in my mind that it is a challenge.

My sister and I are five years apart; She’d fit into this Gen Z. Seeing what she and her friends post on Instagram or the slang that they use makes me question to myself, “What and the heck are they saying? Am I getting old? Am I that out of the loop?” I’ll be honest with you, it took me FOREVER to understand what the phrase “On Fleek” (honestly still not sure what it means).

Going back to crafting their lifestyle and making it work in the marketing world, how do I think “young and hip” to attract the next generation? They are slowly entering the market and gaining purchasing power. This purchasing power decides what’s in or what’s out. I’ve stated before, you’d think I could easily tap into their minds. With their generation being even more connected to technology than I was, they probably can see through my bluff in trying to “hang” with them and grab their attention with advertisements.

Most of Gen Z is still in high school, posting more on social media than I ever did. Having more followers is the way to “rule the school” (if they say that anymore) and they literally have the world at their fingertips.

Let’s be honest, they’ve really only been exposed to one boy band in their lives: One Direction – that is not ok. But here’s some “real talk”. Grab your “squad” because I’m “thirsty” for the marketing challenge because it should be fun to cater to a different mindset than what people expect. So watch out Gen Z, it’s about to get “Lit”! Or let’s hope so because the more I read the sentence above, the more it makes me feel so old. Like, I can’t even.

After writing this I’m ready to grab my glass of Cabernet Sauvignon, watch The Office and be in bed before 10. – Sincerely, an old feeling 21-year-old – Deidre