Purposeful Video in Web Design

The gregorian calendar has finally rolled over to the year 2016. More and more, companies are beginning to realize the value of a thoughtful brand. Last year brought us the highly-criticized brand refreshes of Google and Verizon that encouraged conversation on what exactly a well-thought out brand looks like.

Companies tend to believe that their brand begins and ends with their logo, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. A brand is the feelings that come up when interacting with the brand. What feelings come to you when you think of Disney? You’re not alone if you felt a little bit happier.

A well-thought out brand carries out a feeling far beyond their logo. A well thought-out brand delivers a consistent feeling throughout their entire marketing. From the copy in their emails to the line strokes in the illustration on their websites, it’s all linked together, and it’s all a brand. Which begs the question of purposeful videography.

Strategically Using Video

If we can reasonably say that a company’s brand is everything beyond its logo, we can’t overlook any detail when creating a purposeful video. Too often at Evol Empire Creative, clients will come to us knowing that they’d like a video, but they haven’t begun to take into consideration its feel, tone, and purpose. Well-branded videos will be built right into a website that has been constructed around a strategy that allows the video to be viewed in the easiest, most intuitive way possible. Take a look at Ony, a digital agency from Russia. They thought outside of the box to recreate what a web banner could look like, inserting their videography into a carousel.

Case and Point: As designers and developers, we need to begin building our platforms around the idea of supporting videos created for a specific purpose—to be intuitive, beautiful, and reinforce your brand voice. If we’re fortunate enough to define or redefine the voice of the brand we’re working with, we need to spend time crafting both their website and videos we create for them to work together. In a later blog post, I’ll dive into how to strategize your videos for different mediums, such as social media and video backgrounds.