Huge Changes To Facebook Live

Davey Owens – Marketing Director

It was an exciting week for Facebook, as they announced a slew of big updates coming to their built-in live-streaming platform Facebook Live while presenting at VidCon. Let’s take a look at the new additions Facebook is bringing to live-streaming:

Broadcast with a Friend

The first update coming to Facebook Live-Streaming is the ability to have two people streaming on the same broadcast from two different locations. What this means, is you’ll have the capability to invite a friend to join you on your broadcast while streaming from their own device.

This will surely open up a whole new level of success for content creators, as they’ll be able to include remote interviews (think: news channels, podcast hosts, sports reporters…), duets with singers and performers, and whatever it is Kim Kardashian does on her Snapchat. This new feature is launching later in the summer, starting with Verified pages and eventually rolling out to all users.

Scheduled Broadcasts and Waiting Rooms

Perhaps one of the more frustrating things about Live-Streaming to the viewers, is the fact that people broadcasting don’t want to really start the show until they have enough viewers to warrant the launch. This causes viewers that join early to leave before the show actually starts, and viewers coming in late have missed a bulk of the broadcast they had no idea about.

Facebook is hoping that scheduling a broadcast or creating a waiting room will help with this issue. Viewers will be notified when a page they follow has scheduled a live-streaming, and they will be able to join a waiting room before the show starts to ensure they don’t miss a thing. This also allows broadcasters to go live to a full audience, so they’ll be more enticed to get straight to the show.

Broadcasting with a Mask on

If we’ve learned anything from Snapchat’s success, it’s that people LOVE mask filters. Facebook took note of this trend and acquired MSQRD in March. MSQRD is a video filter app similar to Snapchat’s that allows users to pick from an array of masks to (virtually) wear during a live-stream.

There’s no doubt that this will be a hot commodity when it first launches, but we here at Evol are worried about how crazy our Facebook feed is about to get, with people going overboard with videos of them in panda masks or dressed like a robot. Though this makes sense for Facebook to grasp onto right now, we’re a little apprehensive about the beatings our feed is about to endure because of it.

We’re always trying to find new, creative ways for our clients to utilize social media to help increase their ROI with social media. Though it doesn’t make sense for everyone to jump onto the Facebook Live Stream bandwagon, it should be carefully considered by most companies. Getting a behind-the-scenes look into the world of business is a very interesting topic for a lot of people both young and old. Taking your audience on a journey behind closed doors could benefit your company greatly, especially if you jump in right now while it’s still new and modestly utilized by other companies.