Growing Pains and f*cked knees

Andrew Tuzson – Founder / CEO

2017 was a year of absolute insanity for the Evol Fam. I am forever grateful for the milestones we accomplished, the team members we added, and the incredible clients we have the pleasure of serving. The growth spikes we encountered as an agency forced up to systematize our agency on a level like never before and for that, I could not be more proud. It is a humbling experience to take a step back and relish in what has been accomplished, but getting to that point was a labor of love.

In early 2017, our agency encountered an unpredicted growth spike that forced us to scale to 25 team member damn near overnight. This was no easy task and we truly needed bodies to help execute our scale. Because of this need, we did not fully subscribe to our hiring methodologies and principles; the sense of urgency was too great. This forced Evol to hire some individuals that lacked certain experience and our leadership team was tasked with additional training to bring them up to speed – no easy task!

2017 was also the year of Scrum. As our reach began to extend around the globe and our book of business grew to nearly 100 active clients, the systems of a small, local agency weren’t cutting it. We needed a process to ensure that projects were executed without pain. Our clients share the expectation of Evol’s expertise yielding results with respect to their KPIs and because every goal is different, we needed a system that would allow for fluid execution, regardless of the project specs.

Interesting, as we scaled, we encountered more unforeseen pain points and challenges than we could have ever been prepared for. This forced our teams to develop even more systems – systems on systems on systems. These new processes took time to polish and iron, but once in place, our staff and clients appreciated them alike. After months of enjoying our new systems smell, we identified the need to slim the team to provide for more efficiency in everyone’s daily activities. We found that most of the staff went from being overworked to not having enough to do, because of the organization. This allowed us to slim the team to 15 in Q3 of 2017.

So, what is the point of my early morning rambling? Systems are everything. When you develop systems that optimize your process, you are not only more efficient from the standpoint of execution, you can become more profitable by evaluating the size of your organization. Doing so will allow you to prepare for your next scale on a whole new level. Speaking of, we are currently in the throws of the most efficient growth curve we have ever experienced. We planned for it. We put the right systems and people in the right places. We just hired our 20th team member and we did so knowing that this dude would have the ideal workload so he doesn’t want to die from boredom or from being overworked.

2018 is a year of ambitious goals and milestones at Evol HQ. We are prepping an exciting series of content to keep you in the loop. You’ll also be able to watch us attempt to be adults, which is hard – farts are still funny. #evolAsHell