Get the D.L. on P.R. B.S.

Nicole Emanuel – Creative Strategy

By definition, public relations is a strategic communication function that focuses on building mutually beneficial relationships between an organization and its publics. All those keywords often jumble together to form a vague concept that’s thrown in with advertising and marketing. Instead of drowning in the details, let’s clarify two of the main points of PR.

First, public relations is strategic. That means there’s thoughtful, careful research and planning behind every move. Second, PR is mutually beneficial. That means that the goal is to find win-win communication solutions for people and businesses, but especially for businesses. In today’s world, consumers demand authenticity and genuine interactions with businesses that are large, small and everything in between. PR helps you achieve that human authenticity.

Evol’s spin on PR

Public relations is a misunderstood, ambiguous deliverable. Every agency approaches it a little differently, so we’re going to outline what PR means at Evol. Keep in mind that this outline isn’t a rigid framework. It’s a starting point to give you an idea of how public relations can support your business objectives. The great thing about PR is that it’s completely flexible, depending on your unique needs, whether you want to increase awareness, educate consumers, promote new ideas or reach any number of other goals.

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Media relations

Media relations is one of the most effective ways to tell your story. Evol’s team will help maximize the coverage you receive with a strategic media plan. Once the plan is established and the target markets are identified, the creative minds at Evol will put a unique spin on your story. This spin gives your story an edge as the Evol team reaches out to media representatives to coordinate coverage. The goal is to earn attention from targeted media outlets that will spread your message to a wider audience.

Strategic partnerships

In high school, strategic friendships helped you get in with the cool crowd and score an invite to the best parties. That approach still works in the adult world, except instead of a better seat in the cafeteria, you’ll get measurable business success. Evol’s PR experts will help you identify specific people, businesses or organizations that can support your objectives. From there, the Evol team will facilitate these relationships and connect you to the right people. Strategic partnerships build mutually beneficial relationships that strengthen both involved parties. Basically, we’ll help you build a clique in the adult world.

PR Lincoln Nebraska

Event planning

At Evol, we love to party. This makes us experts when it comes to organizing events for you and your business. The difference between regular event planning and event planning with Evol is that we party with a purpose. Strategic events are an awesome way to connect with your consumers, potential clients and strategic partners on a personal level. The Evol team brings value and purpose to your event planning with fun ideas executed on an expert level that delivers measurable ROI. Let Evol bring the party and the purpose to your events. All you have to do is supply the beer, cheers!


Evol’s PR consultation is all about teamwork. The Evol team will provide research, develop strategies, monitor trends and deliver actionable insights to support your business objectives. With PR consultation, the execution is in your hands. You’ll sit down with our team during regular consultation sessions and talk through deliverables. For some clients, this means reviewing a monthly content schedule that details specific posts for social media. During these consultation sessions, you’ll also get training on industry best practices, identify potential strategic partnerships, organize events and generate epic ideas to help you grow brand awareness and achieve your goals. While the success of PR consultation is in your hands, the Evol team will guide you through every step and support all your efforts. Together, we will dominate the market with an innovative PR strategy and an epic partnership.