Evol Wins a W3 Gold Award

Andrew Tuzson sitting in front of a wooden door with smoke billowing around him

Andrew Tuzson – Chief Executive Officer

The W3 Gold is a coveted prize; one that I have longed after for more than five years. A chance to be recognized as one of the elites within the web design arena is no easy task. Our team strives for excellence on every project we take on. The chance to prove our worth with every new build is an exciting opportunity that allows us the creative freedom to develop rad projects for our clients.

For us, the wait is over. Our team recently received a W3 Gold award for our efforts on our very own evolempirecreative.com. The W3 Gold Award recognizes our creative prowess with respect to visual appeal, aesthetics, and functionality. This is a humbling recognition and this trophy will proudly live among our other awards here in Evol HQ. We would like to thank everyone who has ever given us the opportunity to develop creative deliverables for their business. Thank you for allowing us to assist you and constantly improve our craft; you mean everything to us.