Evol Empire Featured by Lincoln Journal Star

Andrew Tuzson – Founder / CEO

Relocating my family and business to Lincoln, Nebraska was hands down, one of the most calculated and methodical decisions of my life. While Colorado was incredibly good to my family, we were eager for a change of pace. The overwhelming rah rah that is I25 is still a four letter word in my mental Rolodex of vocabulary and I continue to count my blessings in this chapter full of cornhuskers, craft beer, and entrepreneurship.

If you love what you do, it’s not work. Whoever said that has never scaled a company and is full of shit. I have never worked harder than I have throughout the scaling and growth of Evol. Do I love what I do? You bet your ass I do. The copious amount of grind that has been required to amass our team has been insane. Add in the required amount of hustle to cover our overhead and you have the perfect equation for many sleepless nights. We are in the process of starting to tell our story and a recent feature by the Lincoln Journal Star did a great job of jumpstarting our story’s public exposure.

Culture of Hustle

Less than a year ago, our team was comprised of me and my wife – solopreneur with almost scary support from his family. Fast forward to the current state of Evol and you will see a team of 24 and growing. Our teams have been working on some high-level national accounts that we didn’t anticipate having the clout to win for several years.

Our growth and culture have created a humbling buzz and hype in the region. The flattering zenith of this excitement was a recent feature by the Lincoln Journal Star. Click the image below to read the full feature and stay tuned to Evol, as we continue to share our story.