Create Something Freakin’ Awesome

Hailey Bunde – The Intern

For two weeks this summer, I have been lucky enough to be shadowing/ interning/ doing whatever is asked of me at Evol Empire Creative. It’s been two of the most fun and enlightening weeks ever. On a whim, I emailed Evol asking if I could come in and shadow, to just soak up some information as an Ad/PR major. They were kind enough to let me come in for two whole weeks, where I worked with each of the different areas and employees of Evol.

I am so thankful for my time at Evol because I feel like I learned so many lessons here that I probably would never learn in the classroom.

When I walked into Evol on the first day, three thoughts entered my mind: I think I’m the only one here without any tattoos, I am completely overdressed, and I’m the only one not wearing black. Immediately, the little voice in my mind tried to convince me that I did not fit in here and I was not nearly cool enough to work here. Why would these super cool, talented people give time of day to the job shadow who has no tattoos and wore a khaki J. Crew skirt on her first day? Very quickly this staff proved me wrong with their humor, helpfulness, and openness.

Within the hour, I was asked to write a blog post for a client and compose a press release. I thought I’d just be sitting and watching the craziness around me, so I was pretty freaking scared. But I had to just trust my abilities the way the Evol staff was, and I started writing. I had to do things that absolutely terrified me and I am so glad I did. This field is full of creative risks and doing things that might be out of your comfort zone. You have to be completely okay with failure because you will mess up. I am not one to be risky, but so I’m glad Evol helped me get there. The whole crew at Evol was so supportive of me and let me try my hand at anything I wanted to; I can’t thank them enough for investing in me.

Working with Evol has taught me what this field is really about: taking a client’s ideas and your skills, and bringing them together to create something freakin’ awesome. This can be intimidating and often is overwhelming. There’s no clear-cut way to do something, and there’s rarely a ‘right answer.’ To some, that is a terrifying part of this industry, but to me, that’s what makes it so dang exciting. The creativity that problem solving requires is motivating. This industry is constantly changing and Evol doesn’t resist that—they use it to their advantage.

Over these two weeks, I have learned that creativity comes in so many forms. Everyone here at Evol has their own unique niche and uses it for the better of the company. I got to see people work on so many different cool things: writing, videography, sales, graphic design, and content creation. All of these fields are equally important and work together to give clients what they want. Everyone had some independence, but they all built off of each other for their clients. You don’t have to be good at everything, you just to be really damn good and passionate about a thing or two.

Towards the end of this school year, I was worried I was not in the right major. My time with Evol completely changed my mind about that. At least once a day I was said to myself, “Wow this so freakin’ cool! I can’t believe I might get to do this one day!” As nerdy as it sounds, I think it’s so cool that I got to create real stuff for real clients. I know that this is where I’m supposed to be.

Lastly, at Evol I learned that any rules or expectations of how a business is supposed to run are a bunch of BS. Evol does things differently and they’re pretty damn good at their job. They let their employees be themselves and the company just gets better because of that. I am just glad to know that there might be a business one day for me that allows my potty mouth.

I owe a lot of lessons and confidence to the crew at Evol. I am so thankful these past couple weeks and will hold so many lessons and memories close to me. Thanks, Evol.