#Trending in the Web Design World

Karmen Love – Content

Web design is an ever-changing and constantly evolving art form. As our online expectations and experiences evolve, some trends struggle to keep up. On the other hand, new and exciting trends pop up that challenge web designers to stay up to date. Keeping in the know is extremely important, and that’s why we made this list of upcoming trends for 2017.


2016 will be a tough year to follow, there were a lot of huge trends in the design world that will probably stick around for a long time. For instance, we saw a lot of positive change in the mobile world. Everyone and their mother seems to browse on their phones these days, so websites absolutely must be mobile friendly. We think that 2017 will be even better, and continue to make web design fun and challenging.


To start, material design is nothing new and has been a huge player for the last couple of years. With that in mind, it seems like material design is here to stay (at least for awhile) so you’ll do yourself a favor by implementing it into your work. In simpler terms, material design is the closest we can get to a piece of paper and pen. It’s actually very simple, but that’s what most people like about it.


It seems like microinteractions are everywhere these days, and we barely notice them. But, they remain a very important factor regarding awesome UX design. Basically, any little animation that is based on an action is a microinteraction. A great example would be the red heart that pops up anytime you like something on Instagram. A great addition to any web designers bag of tricks are microinteractions.


The future of web design is uncertain, but one thing is for sure. Virtual reality is going to become more prevalent. Everybody is excited about virtual reality and with technological advances, it will become part of web design. It opens up a whole new avenue to tell stories and engage your users. Get started now, and you’ll be ahead of the game. Plus, in 2016 wordpress.com announced that it now supports 360-degree images and videos. So it’s only a matter of time before virtual reality blows up.


While microinteractions remain a popular choice as far as trends go, animations are continuing to grow as well. If used the right way, larger animations can really strengthen your designs. Most of you are partial to GIF format but don’t be afraid to try something different. For instance, Scalable Vector Graphics, or SVG for short, is another great format that you should definitely experiment with.


I know, having impactful and bold typography is nothing new. However, like a lot of the things on this list, bold typography is going to play a huge role in beautiful design in 2017. Usually, web designers are constantly thinking about usability. Typography is a good way to capture the attention of your audience immediately, and it doesn’t have to intricate. Something clear and to the point is enough. When choosing fonts, go with something that is easily readable and bold.


These days, boring and toned down color have controlled the web design world. Since most are focused on usability, toned down colors are seen as a safe choice. On the other hand, bold colors don’t have to mean that your design is dead in the water. Trends come and go, and it’s looking like bold typography and colors are on the rise once again. Plus, incorporating color schemes into your designs will allow you to be unique and interesting.


Lastly, conversational interfaces and voice activated UIs have already been widely adopted by the web design community. However, they still have a long way to go and will continue to grow with time. Thanks to smart devices like the iPhone we’ve been exposed to voice recognition technology such as Siri. Or, Amazon has a product on the market called the Amazon Echo which is basically like a digitized personal assistant. Products like these will become more widespread and you should invest some time into learning about the technology.