Radical Awesome Cooking Show S01E01

Nicole Emanuel – Content

What’s cookin’ good lookin’? If Martha Stewart can keep producing cooking shows after her incarceration, we can prepare some videos about what we do best at Evol Empire Creative. This week on The Morning Extravaganza Super Fun Radical Awesome Cooking Show, we focus on how to build a mouthwatering website. Tie your aprons and wash your hands because CEO Andrew Tuzson and marketing director Davey Owens are cooking up a fresh spin on a website tutorial video. Their zesty characters put a dash of humor and heap of awkwardness into web design. This Evol family recipe is all organic, gluten-free, and perfected throughout years of expertise.

A dollop of content

Any good recipe for a website starts with content. Content is king at Evol Empire, which means both your website’s photos and copy have to be fresh. If your site is made from stale ingredients, you won’t taste the sweetness of success. You can add content to taste, how much or how little you post is up to you, but don’t put your website on a diet. We’re not trying to slim down your content. We’re trying to beef it up with copy and photos that offer nutritious, valuable content and delicious results.

A dash of video

Video may have killed the radio star, but mixing it into your web design will give your site life. Just like those Tasty videos on your Facebook newsfeed make your mouth water, consumers will drool over your products if you include engaging video content.

A pinch of mobile friendly design

Don’t treat responsive web designs like last week’s leftovers. Responsive designs adjust to display your content different screen sizes. Mobile users are accessing your website from their cellphones and tablets, and they expect quality. If you want rave, five-star reviews on your website, it has to be adjust to mobile devices.

A sprinkle of RAM

After you add RAM (Random Access Memory) to your website you’ll be ready to shake and bake. Like Ricky Bobby in Talladega Nights, RAM wants to go fast. It helps with memory, processes data and follows directions on your computer, smartphone or tablet. Whatever you’ve got cooking, RAM is going to be a key ingredient for your site.

Our web design chefs want to bake your awesome new website to a food porn-level of perfection. We’re talking about making a website that you drool over, binge on and fantasize about. Since Drew is from Denver and Davey is from Seattle, they both know all about getting baked. At Evol Empire Creative, we always tweak our website recipe to include the industry’s newest ingredients and fit the unique needs of every client. Watch for more videos from The Morning Extravaganza Super Fun Radical Awesome Cooking Show where we help you while your web design and marketing efforts into shape.